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Freeze crystal clear ice with the
Polar Ice Tray by U-CUBE Creative


Crystal Clear Ice Cubes:
Treat your drinks to crystal clear ice! This ice cube tray has been designed so your ice remains crystal clear by allowing opaque 'white ice' to be separated and removed, and so too removing impurities in the ice. The cubes come from a single cracked block of ice, so all irregular in shape and size, meaning no more 'boring' rectangular cubes!

Inukshuk Ice Sculpture:
You can also freeze your very own Inukshuk ice sculpture, the sculpture chosen as the official logo for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC. The ice sculpture is 5" tall x 4" wide.

Decorative Ice:
The decorative ice feature allows you to freeze items inside a block of clear ice, such as flowers, for decorative purposes. Japanese cuisine such as Sashimi can be placed upon a decorative ice block to improve its freshness and appeal.

The concept:
Mimicking the natural ice formation patters of lakes and rivers, polar ice begins freezing from the surface layer while the water below remains unfrozen. The Polar Ice icebox has an insulated bottom so that only the surface of the water is exposed to the cold. By allowing the water to freeze from the top to bottom, layer by layer, air and impure substances are compressed to the bottom where they form a layer of 'white' or opaque ice, which can easily be removed, leaving you with a block of crystal clear ice.

The unique patented design allows for easy removal of ice. The design is inspired by the form of a smooth pebble and intended to reflect the principle of natural purity and simplicity.

Available in Black, White or Red!

Designed by: Jacky TC Wu - Hualien, Taiwan.
Dimensions (outer): 229mm (9") x 183mm (7.2") x 134mm (5.3")
Ice block: 600ml / Ice Sculpture: 250ml
Materials: Food container plastics PP & ABS

Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2009

Read more about the Polar Ice Tray. Click here (pdf, 5Mb)

Need a user manual? Click here (pdf, 1.1MB)



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